Why Yoga? Reason #1

Sunday is yoga day. Why?

I Don’t Want to Turn into the Tin Man

I could easily become super stiff and even more creaky.

My exercise routine can be pretty intense. This week I completed the new Focus T25 workouts. Loved them. Great overall cardio. Intense leg and ab work. Not a whole lot of stretching.

My work can be pretty intense, too. I spend every day sitting at my desk. Typing. Talking on the phone.

Yoga with Cooper. He does a better downward dog.

I try to remember to stand up and put my arms above my head and stretch, but…. you know. This week I did a down-and-back trip to Princeton, which added 5 hours of drive time to that day. Sitting. Tightening up my shoulders and neck.

After hours I surf eBay for cheap designer clothes or pay bills. Sitting. Typing. Then there’s this blog and my independent Team BeachBody coach activities. More time online. Sitting. Typing. Throw in an occasional TV show. Sitting…. Get the picture?

An hour of yoga forces me to straighten up and elongate my body. It stretches my hamstrings. Opens up my back and shoulders. When I’m done, I swear I stand taller.

If you’ve never done yoga, take some classes before popping in a DVD. A teacher can help you learn how to do the poses correctly. Years ago I found Yoga for Everybody in Fairfield. The teachers there provided a great foundation.

So find a yoga studio or dust off your Rodney Yee DVD. Don’t let your joints freeze up.

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