Find Your Purpose

Recent pre-birthday fun.

My birthday is approaching. I’m moving right along through my 50s. Happily so. I’ve never been one to complain about birthdays. I truly don’t get the whole “I’m still 29” thing.

I’m also not one of those “college was the best time of my life” people. Some day I might write a blog about surviving the misery and self-doubt of high school and college. But today I want to talk about how life can (and should) get better.

The Purpose of Purpose

We are here for a reason. Years ago, my friend Diana told me that she took birthdays very seriously. The conversation stuck with me, and I now find myself sharing a similar message: Birthdays remind us that we have been put on this earth to make a difference.

Identify the Impact You Want to Make on the World

What’s your purpose? Don’t fret if you don’t want to cure cancer or eradicate poverty! Your impact doesn’t have to be so grand. I’m a firm believer in the compound effect — where consistent small actions can generate an enormous impact over time. Think instead of what your unique gifts can do. What impact can you have just the way you are if you focus your time and talents? Commit to a purpose. And see how you bounce out of bed tomorrow morning.

When in Doubt, Trust  “The Plan”

You can have a sense of purpose even if you don’t exactly know what you want your purpose to be. I am convinced that the world is better because you were born. You may not know the details. Just trust me.

Me? I Want to Help People Thrive Until They Die

I didn’t figure this out until recently. At my day job I help organizations increase employee engagement (which is really about people having great days at work). I write about personal accountability for success on the job. I’ve seen magic happen when people understand what matters most to them — and to their employer. Most nights I can fall asleep knowing I’ve made a difference in supporting work environments where people can thrive.

For the last year or so. in my spare time, I’ve also been trying to help people to become healthier through fitness and food. So many of the ailments that people experience as they age are preventable or manageable through activity and nutrition! That’s the point of the blog’s tagline: Decay is optional. (I didn’t think of the phrase. Chris Crowley did in Younger Next Year.)

I welcome the chance to support your improved health. There are still openings in my p90 Challenge Group. To learn more, check out the video below.