It’s Not All or Nothing

We all know the slippery slope. You know, that path from “I’m on a roll toward my goal” to Slippery Slope“I’ve lost my way and boy do I need to get back on track”? Despite the very best intentions with exercise, healthier eating, continuous learning, a more organized home, or even a new work project, something happens. “Life intervenes,” we sometimes say. “I have no time.” “I totally messed up once, so I give up.” “I just can’t do it now.” “If I can’t do it right I’m not going to do it.” “I’ll try later.”

I see this mental slide when it comes to health and fitness in particular. I’ve done it myself: “I can’t do my 60-minute, sweat-up-a-storm workout so I won’t be able to do anything today.” A few days like that, and I’m off my routine, disappointed with myself, and scared that the next workout will feel really awful. So I find a reason not to do it again.

Just Do Something

Activity is important. If you can’t do an entire workout, do half. Walk up and down the stairs for 15 minutes. Add an extra block to your route when you walk the dog. Do 10 push-ups before you go to bed. Or 5 if that’s all you can do. (And check out Kit Horton Caldicott’s push-up tips for women.) Maybe you won’t hit your target heart rate. Something is better than nothing.

Healthy eating is important. If you’re going to eat dessert, share it (and the calories!). Add frozen kale into that decadent soup recipe you want to try. Eat at least one clean meal a day if you can’t manage all three. Grab a nutritional drink like Shakeology if you think you have no time for a healthy breakfast.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

I recently experienced the slippery slope with this blog! After months of weekly posts, I lost momentum. My day job was bonkers. The holidays were upon us. I didn’t have the time to research the type of carefully crafted message I wanted to share so I posted no message at all. I sheepishly told my Beachbody colleagues Eileen and Anu on our weekly calls, “No blog this weekend. Next weekend for sure.” Ugh.

Then in the middle of a p90x3 workout this week, Tony Horton said something like, “Having a rough workout? Not meeting your goals? At least you are in the room. You showed up. You’re trying.” Well hello! Yes I am! You can too! I’m back online today. Even if it is for 30 minutes. Even if it is for a message that I believe you already know.

So now it’s your turn. This is not an all-or-nothing journey. What will you do¬†today?